oak rising volute

The bayfieldvolute

The Bayfield rising volute is one of

our exclusive stair components

designed to blend with consummate

ease into our exquisitely proportioned

curves and wreathed transitions

click to view scale profileHandrail HR1

This handrail sympathises with the more contemporary of interiors with the acceptance of 41mm spindles it harbours a lighter open construction.

click to view scale profileHandrail HR2

This decorative handrail affords the extravagance of 56mm spindles and expresses a stately reverance akin to the great country houses of the past

wreath click to view enlarged

falling to falling 90o wreath using HR1 handrail.

oak velute

3 part volute using HR2 handrail

mahogany volute

3 part volute using HR1 handrail

continuous handrail

Gooseneck to volute newel post with 90o turn and upeasing using HR2 handrail

neweled handrail

Gooseneck to newel post with 90o turn using HR2 handrail